Frequantly Asked Questions

You can subscribe to IISAL® through our IISAL® website (Register!) Or through your merchant if he is one of our partners (supported partners).

  1. Retailers join our supported partners’ network.
  2. Customer subscribes to service through defining his email and mobile number.
  3. Customer purchase products from a supported retailer and presents his IISAL® id.
  4. Customer receives an Digital Receipt for his purchase as an SMS or email
  5. Customer view his Digital Receipt under IISAL® account through IISAL® web portal or mobile application.

Currently IISAL® is across supported partners in Jordan and Qatar (supported partners), but soon we will cover expand to cover more countries in MENA region.

  • Receive purchase Digital Receipts on your phone as sms and email.
  • Save all your Digital Receipts under a single account that you can access through web interface or IISAL® mobile app.
  • Organize your purchases receipts by using tags and categories.
  • Plan and manage your personal budget through adding expenses records , view analytic reports on your spending behaviors
  • Customer subscribes to IISAL® services through registering on IISAL® website or supported partner.
  • Customer provides his IISAL® ID when paying for his purchase.
  • After completing payment; customer receives an SMS and Email notification about his purchase with a link to view purchase Digital Receipt on IISAL® website.

As a customer receiving an IISAL® Digital Receipts is totally FREE! Service costs will be covered through our supported partner or through a sponsor or through Advertising partner that includes their Ads in sent receipts.

IISAL® is committed to protecting customer privacy through implementing best security standards that protects customer and merchant data from being misused or hacked by an un-authorized entity, for more information; please review Service Terms & Conditions.

To unsubscribe: customer needs to contact supported partner or IISAL® customer support team to deactivate account.

IISAL® sponsorship program allows your business to reach an wide pool of potential customer with specific spending behaviors and tendencies the a value- added channel by funding the cost of IISAL® Digital Receipts embedded with sponsor identity sent to customers.

  • From a customers’ perspective; IISAL® means they will never lose a receipt again.
  • It is a green solution that is in keeping with a digital age.
  • From professionals keeping track of expenses to anyone who needs proof of purchase for an item, receipts are important.
  • Traditionally paper receipts are easily lost or damaged; an electronic receipt means you’ll never lose the vital receipt for a refund or an expenses claim again!
  • Customer data captured at checkout to enable IISAL® service enables you to have a far deep understanding and insight into your customers’ behavior. Over time this will become an invaluable resource that allows you to engage with your shoppers more effectively and provide more relevant promotions and newsletters.

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